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Home is where the heart is: My client's memo to the investment property he owned for 42 years

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Here is the memo from Dennis King. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the process

Today I say goodbye to an old friend. As a 26 year old newly married young man, unskilled in so many ways, we met in October 1975 and you would immediately challenge me. Having inherited a bad tenant, the eviction process was particularly stressful only to be followed by a failing marriage and subsequent divorce. As I struggled to keep you, I was faced with a 75 minute (each way) commute, only to return to an empty and lonely apartment.

As time passed I would work through my return to bachelorhood and eventually find the person that would be able to tolerate a lifetime with me (my Nancy). As our family grew, we would eventually leave you for a larger home but you would continue (to this day) to play a huge role in what was to become our future. Your equity would enable me to convert your attic space to a third apartment (an achievement that to this day I am most proud of), provide the down payment to purchase our Centre St. home, help finance both of our kids college education, eventually enable us to pay off our Centre St. home, and once again today contribute a significant sum to our investment portfolio.

Over the years we weathered the blizzard of 78 together, built an entire apartment, applied hundreds of gallons of paint, refinished floors multiple times, spread and sanded (ugh) countless 5 gallon buckets of wallboard compound, installed 7 skylights, replaced the roof twice, performed several refurbishments per room, upgraded the electrical, replaced a furnace, replaced and/or repaired appliances numerous times, gone through many hot water heaters, replaced windows and on and on and on.

We went through two court evictions, had our share of good and bad tenants, many of which would stay until they had saved enough to purchase their own home. You would also provide me the opportunity to offer economical rent to my kids and some of their friends. Our daughter who has probably logged the most hours under your roof has named her business after you.

Through all of this you provided me a platform where I could learn, practice, and hone my skills. Be it rough construction, finish carpentry, electrical, painting, tilework, wood finishing, wall board: just about anything except plumbing (gawd I hate plumbing).

This morning as I stood in that second floor apartment one last time, my eyes saw all the things that we achieved in the past and all the things I had envisioned for the future that will sadly never come to pass, but I somehow feel okay about that. I have wished for this day so many times in the last 42 years but find it sad that it is finally here. So know this 51 Hale Street.. by no means perfect, you are in the best condition that you have been in since before we knew each other as is evidenced by the more than 100 people who toured you in the one and only open house and the 12 offers received within the first 24 hours. It will take some time before you are out of my system but you will never be forgotten.

As the good weather approaches I will still take that cruise in the vette down Lothrop Street, pass the beach as I have done so often; but before I do and as I take that left at the intersection of Dane and Hale, I will give you a wink, a nod, and a little smile as I pass you by. Good bye my dear, dear friend.

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