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Paulino Report 2021: Sharing My North Shore Real Estate Analysis

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

To begin each year, I take a step back and do some reflection on the past year and some data analysis to try and predict what my clients can expect from the coming year. Looking back on 2020, it certainly was a challenging year. The pandemic affected us all, and it certainly affected the real estate industry. First, I am sorry for those whose health was affected, or lost a loved one during this time. This year, I am going to do my analysis a bit different than I have done in the past.

I put together a 30 minute quick presentation of the North Shore Real Estate Market. I am booking Zoom calls to go over it with anyone who would like to know market trends. No pressure to work with me after this meeting, I feel like it is nice to connect with local people - and be able to share my knowledge about the local market.

I want to share one macro trend that I see playing out in 2021. I see a dichotomy of growth in suburban home prices increasing compared to a decline in Boston (and other major cities). People will continue to invest in their home offices, home gyms, and even the technology within their homes. Offices have already begun to shut down for good in Boston, or become ‘digital first’ companies. This will drive people further from Boston, and cities like Gloucester & Beverly - and in between - will see the benefit. Cities that have long been tagged with, “Too far from Boston” will become sought after.

This diagram displays what I think will happen in 2021:

Please email me at to schedule a 30-minute review so that you can understand the North Shore real estate market and other macro trends I see happening in 2021. In your email, please offer a few days and times you are available and I will respond to book the meeting.

A few other things I will share on our Zoom call:

- Best month to sell your home

- Best month to buy a new home on the North Shore (by town)

- Month-by-Month pricing predictions for 2021

- How does your town compare to surrounding Essex County cities

- Average price per square foot in your town and surrounding cities

-Neighborhood comparison - highest prices? Higher price per square foot? Fastest growth?

- Top home sales - largest home sold, most expensive home sold

I hope you have a safe, happy and healthy 2021.

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