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Thank you Nick & Beth

Updated: May 19, 2018

Nick and Beth are special clients. And not just because I met them at a bar in Salem, and not because Nick is a licensed broker himself...but because we have sold 6 properties together in the last two years, for over $5M in sales.

I met Nick and his wife Beth over two years ago at Finz in Salem, I was having a drink by myself while my wife was traveling for work. Nick told me he had a plan to sell all of his investments and retire to Florida. These are the types of conversations people love to have with realtors at bars. They love to talk about their dream homes, investments, and talk about retiring to Florida. What was special about Nick was that he was a guy with a plan, and he acted on it.

Nick told me if I could sell his multi-family on Pleasant Street in Beverly, he would happily give me another multi-family on Pond St., and If I could sell that, he would give me his 3 investment properties on Hale Street. And, If I could sell all of those...he would give me his crown jewel - His own house, a beautiful waterfront home in Beverly Cove.

I sit here looking back at 2017, and we did it Nick and Beth, we sold Pleasant and Pond Street (in 2016), all three Hale street properties (January 2017) , and your beautiful home (summer 2017). I am thankful that our paths crossed, and that you decided to give me the listings, even though you are a licensed broker. I hope you are both enjoying Florida (while I am writing this, it is 3 degrees in Beverly). *Clients become lifelong friends. We will be visiting soon. Cheers


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