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Zeus, the Newfoundland, my new Coworker

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Growing Up in New York City,

I was petrified of dogs. In the streets of Dyckman (neighborhood on the north tip of Manhattan) the only dogs that I encountered were known aggressive breeds. When a Junk yard dog barked, we ran. Just think, "The Sandlot" but we were playing stick ball in the middle of the street or trespassing in someones yard to get a quick game in. Needless to say, I had no interest in ever being a dog owner.


Then my wife introduced me to Bacchus....

Bacchus: R.I.P November 2019

Bacchus was loving yet unpredictable. He could shower you with hugs and kisses, or make it clear that you should not even think about coming any closer to his bone. After all "Let sleeping dogs lie" and don't get between "a dog and his bone" were real with Bacchus. Being a Real Estate Advisor and working from home, Bacchus and I got to know each other pretty well. He was truly a part of our family. He even was painted on our wedding invitations. After years of being scared of dogs, Bacchus changed me into a dog person. His second home was the back seat of my car. He'd come with me to showings, meetings, closings, post office, and any errand you can think of. He truly was a Man's best friend.....

My #1 Co-Worker

Working from home can get lonely at times; especially during the slow Real Estate Winter season. After Bacchus passed away, I was not ready for another dog. I needed time to grief; only dog lovers will understand. The plan was maybe in the spring. We've done our research on dog breeds and a Newfoundland was an easy choice. We contacted several breeders in order to understand the process and to learn more about the Newfie breed. We received a call from a breeder who mentioned a brown pick of the litter Newfie; apparently the buyers had backed out last minute. We had planned to have a dog in 4-5 months, but we got a call and it seemed too good to pass up. The breeder called on a Tuesday, And Zeus arrived on a Friday. I did not expect nor was I ready to meet Zeus this soon. After some convincing from my wife, Zeus was on his next flight from West Virginia to Massachusetts.....

Zeus The Boston Newf

His first picture in the back seat

I was a little nervous at first. His father was 175 pounds, they droll, they shed, they require a lot of maintenance, and they are also prone to medical issues; this didn't sound very exciting. After meeting Zeus, it was love at first sight. The Newfoundland is nicknamed the nanny dog for a reason. He is loving, extremely loyal, gentle, very social with other dogs, and absolutely loves kids. In addition, their webbed paws make them great swimmers. The pros on the Newfie breed easily outweigh the cons......

He is growing 5 pounds per week

As the Spring Real Estate Market approaches, I am looking forward to having Zeus take those drives that Bacchus and I did for many years. I've received several requests from friends and clients asking to coordinate puppy play days. If you're in the North Shore area, Zeus Play Day and a Free Market Analysis come hand in hand :) *Zeus has big shoes to fill.

*For more pictures, you can follow Zeus on Instagram: Zeus_the_Boston_Newf

His first picture at the office

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